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What Do Dryer Balls Do? The Definitive Guide to How They Work and How to Use Them

The Sauce Boss
Jul 13, 2023
Laundry Tips
Dryer balls prevent laundry from clumping together by tumbling between layers and separating fabric. They also soften clothes naturally and decrease drying time.

Since the 1970s, traditional dryer sheets have dominated Americans’ laundry rooms. But over the past decade or so, people have embraced a new trick to naturally tame static cling, soften their clothes, and even save money.

We’re talking about dryer balls—specifically wool dryer balls.

Also called laundry balls, dryer balls are a natural, reusable alternative to dryer sheets. They’re usually made from felted wool and are about 3 inches wide, (a little bigger than a tennis ball). Between their static-fighting power and natural softening abilities, laundry balls are a clutch laundry hack.

In this article, we’ll share the deets on how dryer balls work, how to use them, and which kind to get for perfectly-dried duds every time.

What Do Dryer Balls Do?

The main job of dryer balls is stopping clothes from clumping in the dryer, but they also fight wrinkles, static, and can even reduce your energy bill. Let’s unpack five benefits these balls give you.

Stop Static Cling

Wool dryer balls have a natural ability to absorb moisture during the drying process. This counteracts the dryness that causes static electricity. By retaining a touch of moisture, dryer balls prevent fabrics from becoming excessively dry and prone to static cling. If your clothes come out of the dryer with more static than AM radio, dryer balls are exactly what you need.

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Shorten Drying Time

Wool dryer balls help separate your clothes during the dry cycle to boost airflow, shortening dry time. They also absorb moisture from your laundry, cutting drying time even further.

Less time in the dryer means less money spent on your energy bill. Don’t take our word for it though—the U.S. Department of Energy recommends using dryer balls to save on your energy bill.

Reduce Wrinkles

As dryer balls bounce around with your clothes, they create separation and promote better airflow. Since the clothes aren’t clumping together in the dryer, they won’t come out super wrinkly.

Who wants to waste time ironing, anyway?

Soften Clothes Naturally

Dryer balls naturally fluff and soften your clothes, towels, and linens without the need for chemical-based fabric softeners or dryer sheets. This makes dryer balls ideal for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Prevent Lint Cling

Static electricity is the main culprit for lint clinging to your clothes. But since dryer balls fight static, you can say goodbye to lint and pet hair on your laundry. 

How To Use Dryer Balls

Dryer balls are a breeze to use:
1. Put your wet laundry into the dryer
2. Toss in three extra-large wool dryer balls
3. Turn on your dyer

Pro tip: dryer balls can reduce the amount of time it takes to dry your laundry, so you might want to shorten your dryer cycle to make sure you don’t over-dry your clothes.

Lastly, don’t over-stuff your dryer with too much laundry, otherwise the dryer balls can’t bounce around to work their magic.

How Many Dryer Balls Should You Use Per Load of Laundry?

For small-to-medium loads, use 3 extra-large dryer balls to get the job done. For extra-large loads or high-capacity machines, you can use 6 dryer balls.
As a rule of thumb, the more dryer balls you use, the less time it takes to dry your laundry.

You can use dryer balls with both light and dark-colored laundry.

How Long Do Dryer Balls Last?

Extra-large wool dryer balls last up to 1,000 loads. Talk about a long-term laundry investment!

Keep in mind, the longevity of your dryer balls depends on their quality. Laundry Sauce Wool Dryer Balls are made of tightly compressed New Zealand wool, designed to be a staple in your laundry room for the long haul. 

You'll know when it’s time to replace your dryer balls when they start looking scraggly or when pieces of wool start to tear off. You might even find some stray wool yarn fibers in your dry laundry.

Are Dryer Balls Better Than Dryer Sheets?

Dryer balls and dryer sheets both prevent static, soften your clothes, and reduce wrinkling. However, dryer balls have three main advantages over dryer sheets:

1. Dryer Balls Are Eco-Friendly

Unlike dryer sheets that get thrown away after every use, wool dryer balls are reusable and last up to 1,000 loads, making them much more eco-friendly. Wool dryer balls are also biodegradable and compostable.

2. Dryer Balls Are Better for Sensitive Skin

Dryer balls don’t contain any chemical coatings, fabric softeners, or fragrances that could potentially irritate your skin. Instead, they rely on their physical properties to combat static and fluff your fabrics, making them a naturally hypoallergenic alternative for those with allergies or sensitivities.

3. Dryer Balls Can Reduce Your Energy Bill

Dryer balls can help you use less energy by cutting your dry cycle by up to half the time. This simple switch can save you hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs.

The Best Dryer Balls Your Laundry Ever Met

From plastic dryer balls to DIY dryer balls made of yarn, the internet is flooded with options. But we went into the laundry lab to design the best damn dryer balls your clothes ever encountered—guaranteed.

Laundry Sauce XL Dryer Balls are handmade with 100% premium New Zealand wool for a hypoallergenic, petroleum-free way to shorten dry time, soften your clothes, and stop static for good.

Grab a 6 pack today!

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