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5 Expert Tips for maximizing scent with Laundry Sauce

Jerry & Zachary Pozniak, Jeeves
Dec 23, 2022
Laundry Tips

We’ve partnered with New York and London’s finest dry cleaner, Jeeves, to deliver the best scent - maximizing tips to the Sauciety. Keep reading for a dry cleaner’s guide to make your clothes smell amazing, and get the best laundry results at home.

1. Avoid Overloading Your Machine 

First, (and foremost) do not overload the washing machine. Ideally, your machine should only be half full.

Yes, I know doing it all at once is SUCH an easy solution. But you’re using Laundry Sauce; you’ve graduated from the ‘regular’ stuff to an ~elevated~ laundry experience, so it's about time you also advanced your laundry education.

When you avoid loading your washing machine more than half full, you give room for water and detergent to move freely around your clothing(half full is considered a medium load). When you overload your washer, you run the risk of uneven cleaning, poor stain removal, and not enough scent to go around! 

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2. Use Cold Water During the Wash Cycle

With a properly loaded washer, it’s now time to tackle the dreaded washing machine control panel. At Laundry Sauce, we recommend using cold water for washing. Your clothes, wallet, and our precious mother Earth will thank you! (Well…maybe they won't thank you… but The Sauciety will!) Your beautiful colors will fade less, your machine will use less energy while still getting great results, and cold water will help promote that one-of-a-kind Laundry Sauce fragrance.

Fun fact—did you know that you can reduce the energy consumption used during washing by up to 90% by switching from hot water to cold? Almost all energy used by a washing machine is to heat up water.

3. Air Dry Synthetic Fabrics

After getting your clothes smelling great and squeaky clean, let's talk about drying techniques. Keep it simple- all of your clothes that can be air dried should be air dried. Gym clothes, delicates, and other garments that are made of synthetic fabrics should not go in the dryer.

Synthetic fibers will come out of the washer almost completely dry so tumble drying them can speed up the deterioration of those stretchy man-made fibers. As an added bonus, air drying your clothes helps retain scent! So throw those synthetics on a hanger or drying rack and let that wonderful aroma permeate through your home. 

4. Tumble Dry Natural Fibers On a Low Heat Setting

For your clothes that need to go in the dryer, use a low setting for drying temperature, and of course, do not overload! The same rule applies—don’t load your dryer more than half full.

This will maximize scent, be gentle on your clothes, and prevent serious wrinkling. Take it from a dry cleaner- low, long and slow is always the way to go to ensure even drying.

5. Don't Over-Dry Your Clothes

Pro Tip: Take your cotton clothes out of the dryer while slightly damp, shake them out, and put them on a hanger. You will have fewer wrinkles, more scent, and less static than if your clothes are 100% dry.

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