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Current Plan

Better smelling, cleaner laundry or your money back.

clean has never smelled so good

Laundry Sauce is more than just a brand—it's a statement, an alter-ego. It's an elevated, sexy, scentual, fun and playful approach to laundry that encourages you to rise above the ordinary, to be extraordinary.

say goodbye to mediocre laundry

We've always been driven by a desire to inspire others to become the best version of themselves. With Laundry Sauce, we want to transform something as mundane as laundry into a platform that encourages you to step beyond the average, to be extraordinary.

the art and science of smell

Our Principal Perfumer and Scent Artist sought to create the dark and mysterious, and the fresh and open. Our fragrances are inspired by the rich texture of ingredients, featuring high-end, sophisticated, and unexpected exotic materials that olfactively bring to life new expressions of the modern individual. The result is a series of scents with both natural and responsibly sourced ingredients, delivering a touch of sophistication.

Product Specs

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Size: 69 Pods

Origin: Made in North America



Ingredient Disclosure


Safety Data

always striving to be more eco-conscious

We’re committed to reducing environmental impact, increasing sustainability, while maintaining our high standards for quality our customer’s expect. We ditched the plastic jugs for boxes produced from 60% post consumer recycled cardboard paper.

Responsibly sourced

Sustainability is very important to us at Laundry Sauce. The natural oils that we use to make your fabrics smell irresistible are responsibly sourced from communities around the world. 

Plastic jug free & 5x concentrated

By using recycled cardboard paper boxes that are produced from 60% post consumable materials, we remove the plastic detergent jug from the equation. We also use a detergent formula that is 5x more concentrated than typical liquid laundry detergent, minimizing packaging and transport waste.

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