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How to Use In-Wash Laundry Scent Boosters: 4 Simple Steps

The Sauce Boss
May 5, 2024
Laundry Tips

Here’s how to use in-wash laundry scent booster:

1. Choose a scent-booster with a fragrance you love

2. Measure out your desired amount of scent beads

3. Add scent booster to your empty washer drum

4. Add your laundry and run a normal wash cycle

Laundry technology has come a long way over the past few decades. We’ve got detergent pods that eliminate the need for messy sludge and dryer balls that magically reduce drying time. But one of the most underrated laundry hacks is using scent boosters.

In case you’re not familiar, in-wash scent boosters are small beads or capsules that dissolve in water to add additional fragrance to your laundry—even after they’ve been dried and stored away. If you’re a bold individual who’s bored with smelling boring, scent boosters are exactly what you need to level up your laundry routine. But it’s important to know how to use them to get the best results.

In this article, we’ll share step-by-step instructions for using scent boosters to make sure your clothes, towels, and sheets smell like pure luxury every laundry day.

1. Choose the Best Laundry Scent Booster

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to fragrance, so choosing the right scent booster ensures your clothes smell amazing instead of “meh.” There are a few factors to consider when picking a scent booster that suits you:

  • Fragrance Notes: Whether you prefer floral, rugged, or crisp scents, selecting the best-smelling option ensures that your clothes smell exactly the way you like them.
  • Fragrance Longevity: A lot of fragrances fade in a matter of hours after washing, so make sure your scent booster is built to provide long-lasting fragrance.
  • Ingredients: Look for a scent booster that’s free from unnecessary ingredients, such as dyes, sulfates (SLS or SLES), ​​parabens, optical brighteners, and chlorine bleach.
  • Compatibility: Your laundry scent booster should complement the fragrance of your laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. When used together, these products create a harmonious scent profile.
  • Packaging: Opt for scent boosters that come in sustainable, recyclable packaging.

We’ll save you a trip to the supermarket. Laundry Sauce Advanced In-Wash Scent Booster comes in fabulous fragrances like Australian Sandalwood, French Saffron, Italian Bergamot, and more. Even better, our Haloscent® technology ensures a continuous fragrance release. Oh, and did we mention our packaging is 100% recyclable and produced from 60% post-consumer recycled cardboard? That’s a win-win-win for you, your laundry, and the planet.

2. Measure Out Your Desired Amount of Scent Booster Beads

Once you’ve found your ideal fragrance, you’re ready to run a wash cycle. The amount of scent booster you need depends on two factors: the size of your laundry load and how strong (or mild) of a scent you prefer. Here are some general guidelines we recommend:

For a small load of laundry, use ¼ of a capful of scent beads, or about 0.5 ounces. For larger loads, use ½ to a full cap.

If the fragrance isn’t as bold as you’d like, you can always adjust the amount of scent booster the next time around.

3. Add Scent Booster Beads to Your Empty Washer

Once you’ve measured your desired amount of scent booster, shake the beads into the bottom of your empty washing machine drum. Make sure they’re dispersed evenly across the surface so they dissolve effectively in the water.

Scent booster should always go in your washing machine before your dirty laundry. Placing scent booster beads on top of clothes may result in some beads adhering to specific garments, leaving behind residue or causing uneven distribution of fragrance.

Never add scent booster to the dispenser drawer for detergent or fabric softener.

4. Add Your Laundry

After adding your scent booster, load your laundry into the washing machine. Scent boosters are generally compatible with all types of fabric, including cotton, polyester, linen, silk, wool, and blends.

Scent boosters are especially awesome for bedding and towels, giving you a fresh pop of fragrance every time you curl under your sheets or take a shower.

Pro tip: Don’t overload your washing machine with laundry. Cramming garments into the drum with scent booster can make it harder for the beads to dissolve and release their fragrance.

Common Questions About In-Wash Laundry Scent Boosters

Now that you know how to use scent boosters like a pro, let’s cover some common questions we get.

Is Scent Booster Safe for All Fabrics?

Yes, scent boosters are generally safe for most fabrics, but it's important to check your garment’s care labels for any specific recommendations or warnings.

Are Scent Boosters Bad for Your Washing Machine?

Scent boosters are septic-safe and not inherently bad for your washing machine. That said, excessive use could lead to buildup or residue accumulation over time.

Can You Put Scent Boosters in the Dryer?

No—you should never put scent boosters in the dryer since they can only dissolve and release their fragrance in water.

Do Scent Boosters Stain Clothes?

Dye-free scent boosters like Laundry Sauce will not stain your clothes. However, using dyed scent boosters may leave a visible residue on your clothes, especially if they don’t dissolve properly.

Are Scent Boosters Compatible with All Washing Machines?

Laundry Sauce scent boosters are compatible with traditional and high-efficiency (HE) washers and work great in low-water volume machines. However, other brands may not be compatible with your machine.

Standard Scent Boosters Don’t Stand a Chance Against Laundry Sauce

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re tired of lame laundry scents like “Spring Breeze” or “Fresh Linen.” That’s why we launched Laundry Sauce to infuse premium luxury fragrances into all of your laundry essentials—scent booster included.

Whether you prefer warm, earthy notes from the Land Down Under or bright, citrusy notes reminiscent of the Amalfi coast, we’ve got a fragrance for you.

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