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Debunking 7 Common Laundry Myths

Jerry & Zachary Pozniak, Jeeves
Feb 2, 2023
Laundry Tips

As fans of the series MythBusters, it’s impossible not to be positively influenced by Adam and Jamie’s quest to put myths and urban legends to the test. Join us for this homage to the show, where we’ll be busting some common laundry myths so you can get the best possible clean with Laundry Sauce.

Myth #1 - Hot Cleans Better Than Cold

Answer: Plausible

Cold water will give you great results with a quality laundry detergent such as Laundry Sauce. Besides saving a ton of energy (over 70% by switching from hot to cold), cold water prevents fabrics from shrinking and prevents dark colors from fading. There is no need to turn the dial to hot-you can trust cold water for most washes. 

However, for very tough stains, hot water does provide marginal improvements to stain removal. In the case of difficult stains, we recommend cleaning those garments separately. 

Myth #2 - More Detergent Cleans Better 

Answer: False

More detergent does not equal a better clean! Using too much detergent can cause an abundance of suds that takes ages to wash out. This wastes time, energy, and water by tricking your machine into running extra rinse cycles. Keep in mind that water is doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to cleaning, and the detergent is a wonderfully helpful supplement. 

Follow the directions and use the amount suggested. Laundry Sauce is measured in pods so you don’t have to eyeball the amount. Use one pod for regular loads and two pods for large loads, or if your clothes are very soiled.

Pro tip: Check out our ultimate guide to using laundry pods.

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Myth #3 - More Garments In the Washer Will Be More Efficient

Answer: Plausible 

While we at Laundry Sauce don’t recommend washing one item at a time, we also ask that you do not overfill your machine. For the most effective use of your sauce, fill your washer 1/2 to 3/4 full. 

In addition to a great laundry detergent, clothes need tumbling action or side-to-side agitation for proper cleaning. This agitation (or as professionals call it, “mechanical action”), forces water and detergent through clothes to remove stains and odors. If your washer is packed too full, the clothes will not clean as well. 

With laundry, like many things in life, sometimes “less is more”. 

Myth #4 - You Can Ignore the Garment Care Label

Answer: False

Please, please, please read the garment care label! Not following directions can result in ruining your clothes. Some garments are dry clean only to prevent shrinkage, fabric distortion, or colors running. 

Most labels will print the directions as well as have symbols. If your garment has symbols only, here is a link to decipher what each means.

Myth #5 - Visible Stains Are the Only Stains You Have to Worry About 

Answer: False

If you spill anything on yourself, it’s best to wash that garment with Laundry Sauce as soon as you can.  Some stains on your clothes may be invisible at first but will turn yellow over time through the process of oxidation. As you might bite into an apple, leave it on the counter and watch it turn brown, your clothes will begin to yellow if you spill a light liquid on it, like vinegar, white wine, or ginger ale.  

Myth #6 - You Only Need to Sort by Color 

Answer: False

Sorting by color is a great way to prevent your white garments from turning blue if you wash them with your new jeans, but you should also sort by weight! If you wash heavy jeans with a delicate fragile shirt the weight of the jeans may damage the shirt.

Delicates should be washed by themselves using a delicate cycle, and never with heavy items like towels or jeans. This will also help with drying as heavy garments will need more time to dry than lightweight garments. Separating the weights of clothes will give better results both in washing and drying.

Follow the care instructions on the label. We recommend that you separate:

  • Delicates, including gym wear.
  • Regular garments
  • Towels & Bedding (including your comforter)
  • Outerwear

Myth #7 - The Dryer Will Shrink Your Clothes

Answer: Plausible

Unless the garment care label instructs you to air or line dry (refer to Myth #3), using your dryer will not shrink your clothes. Using hot water during washing will cause more shrinkage than your dryer!

To prevent wrinkling and ensure an even dry, pop your favorite Laundry Sauce dryer sheet into a not-overfilled dryer and dry on low. When the cycle ends, promptly fold or hang dry your clothing. 

This is not true unless your garment care label says to air or line dry. Refer to tip number 3. Using hot water during washing will cause more shrinkage than your dryer. Dry on low to prevent wrinkling and do not overload your dryer. Your clothes will have more scent from Laundry Sauce if you dry them at a low temperature.

Promptly remove your clothes from the dryer when dry. Fold or hang right away to prevent wrinkles. Make sure you do not overfill the dryer as your clothes will not dry evenly and come out with more wrinkles.

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