Everything you need to know about Laundry Sauce’s In-Wash Scent Booster


Laundry day just got saucier! Laundry Sauce’s brand new In-Wash Scent Boosters are designed to help our signature, luxury scents last even longer. 

Scent boosters are a relatively new addition to the laundry scene, so let’s jump into what they are, how they work, and how to maximize their power!

A lot of fragrance from your detergent can “cook off” in the dryer, but these beads quite literally provide a scratch-and-sniff experience. Perfume capsules use a “bursting” technology in which they deposit on fabrics, survive the wash and dry cycle, and open up with the introduction of friction, releasing the fragrance. So when you wear a garment, use a towel or sheet, and move around in your clothes, you get little pops of Australian Sandalwood, Egyptian Rose, or whichever scent you choose! 

Once you’ve used the scent booster, try smelling your garment before rubbing and then after. We bet you’ll notice the long-lasting freshness.

To use this newest Laundry Sauce addition, add the beads directly to the drum of your washing machine before putting in clothes. They are designed to work in all machines, all wash cycles, and for all fabrics.

The scent beads are made of fragrance and polyethylene glycol (also known as PEG), a water-soluble polymer used as a carrier for perfume technology, and can be found in all of Laundry Sauce’s signature scents: Indonesian Patchouli, Egyptian Rose, Australian Sandalwood, and Siberian Pine with more exciting new fragrances to come!

Ready to be bold and control your destiny? The high-end natural fragrance ingredients used in Laundry Sauce’s Scent Booster are truly one of a kind in the laundry detergent space.