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What Makes Laundry Sauce Special?

Jerry & Zachary Pozniak, Jeeves
Apr 11, 2023
Laundry Tips

When we set out to make Laundry Sauce we thought about all of the things that drove us crazy about laundry detergent: wasteful plastic packaging, harmful ingredients, cloying chemical-based scents, and heavy jugs of liquid detergent that increase energy consumption during shipping. So, we created a better way to clean your clothes.

Here are three reasons Laundry Sauce blows generic detergent out of the water (pun totally intended).

1. Responsible Packaging

Our first mission? Ditch the plastic container and pack Laundry Sauce in a recycled (but also luxurious) cardboard box that can be further recycled.

Then, we made Laundry Sauce five times more concentrated* than liquid detergents to reduce packaging waste and fuel consumption during shipment. Our formula is sealed in pre-dosed pods so you don’t waste a single drop of Laundry Sauce–and you never add too much per load of laundry.

2. Premium Fragrances

Of course, we also thought about the scent options for supermarket laundry detergent. Most are overpowering and artificial. We called on the top perfumers in the world to curate Laundry Sauce’s fragrances. The result? Luxury blends made in North America with natural ingredients, no parabens, no phthalates and no GMOs.

Our luxury scents were developed by one of the top Perfumers in the world. Instead of bathing your laundry in generic “Spring Rain” or “Summer Breeze,” you get to smell scent-sational in Australian Sandalwood, Siberian Pine, Egyptian Rose or Indonesian Patchouli.

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3. Pods Designed for Performance

Laundry Sauce laundry detergent pods predominantly bio-degrade into harmless compounds that go on to fuel the circle of life. We use simple ingredients which also do a great job of removing odors and stains. After all, what is the point of laundry detergent unless it cleans well?

Enhance the scent experience and take your favorite scents a step further with Laundry Sauce dryer sheets, which are available in all the same scents to soften fabric while absorbing static electricity for reduced pet hair and lint cling.

We are the full package. Laundry Sauce does a great job of cleaning, reducing waste and giving your clothes an elevated fragrance. You don’t have to settle for average detergent when laundry days with Laundry Sauce could be extraordinary.

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