5 Reasons Why These Laundry Pods Will Make Heads Turn Wherever You Go

Ever wondered how something as simple as laundry could make you feel so confident? You’re not alone. Here's why our Performance Laundry Pods are the game-changer you’ve been waiting for…


Scents That Turn Heads

Want to leave a lasting impression?

Our Laundry pods are infused with high-quality luxury fragrances that are not only make you feel irresistible but also provide a brilliant clean. Imagine walking into a room and turning heads because you smell that good.


Try Before You Buy

Worried which scent is right for you?

We get it; committing to a scent online can be tricky. That’s why we offer our Scent Discovery Kit - so you can discover the signature scent that speaks to your soul.



Want to feel good inside and out?

Our Laundry Pods were developed with the planet in mind, allowing you to make an eco-conscious choice that is good for you and mindful of the environment.


Outperforms the Competition

Ever felt let down by your laundry detergent's cleaning power?

These Laundry Pods are not just about the scent; they mean business when it comes to cleaning. They perform as well, if not better, than most leading brands, including natural ones. So you're not just turning heads; you're also wearing spotlessly clean clothes.



Elevating your laundry is less than a $1 a load

At just $0.85 per load when subscribing, these HE-compatible, oversized Performance Laundry Pods offer an approachable yet luxurious experience. But don’t just take our word for it; with a 5-star rating from 1,600+ reviews, it’s clear that this is a crowd-pleaser.

Scent Discovery Set

1,600+ Reviews

Free Shipping + $25 Credit

Find your signature scent with our Scent Discovery Set; a symphony of sophistication, scents designed by the world’s top perfumers, woven from luxurious, exotic notes and blended in the USA. Elevate your senses and embrace contemporary luxury with this olfactory ode to the modern individual. 

Taking its cues from the land down under, this dark blend of exotic woods is rich, warm and mysterious. Unique, patented Woodleather combines with Virginia Cedarwood to layer on a dark woodiness, while Alaskan Cedarwood adds a crisp freshness. Deep amber, smooth suede and soft musk leave a powerful impression of confident clean.

Better smelling, cleaner laundry or your money back.


5-star reviews

  • The best Sauce EVER

    My parents love it so much. It was so nice they got a few other items with there order. I’m hoping that when I reorder I can get a fabulous discount. I really love this product.

    —Barbara K.


    Can't say enough about this product. Even my teenage sons want to do laundry! They love the way it smells and they tell me that people at school even ask what they use! It really is a great product.

    —Kelli C.


    I got siberian pine pod from a friend as a gift and I love it so much, I bought more and subscribed for more. I love doing laundry now, the amazing scent makes me happy all day. It really affects me. I would like to try all 3 others, if 1-2 samples of other scents are included in the package, I will buy all others if I like them.

    —JUDY K.

  • Friggen amazing.

    Smells great. Got the awful smells of some really old rancid towels we found hidden after moving - in only one wash! Got cat pee smell out of clothes because the cat is a jerk. Honestly they work great and not messy like the giant bottle of detergent we have.

    —Rachel S.


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